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Elagin island

Yelagin Island is a unique protected natural complex. It is the northernmost island in the Neva delta, laved with Big Nevka in the north, with Central Nevka in the south and south-east, and shooting out with the narrow cape into the Gulf of Finland. At one time a royal residence, Yelagin Island since the middle of last century passed into the possession of the state and became the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and from this moment it opened its doors to all comers.

Today Kirov Central Park is a dynamically developing cultural and recreational space, suitable for audiences of different age groups and interests.

In the park, in Yelagin island palace, there is the Museum of Russian arts and crafts and interior of XVIII-XX centuries, with a permanent exhibition on the first and second floors, which demonstrates the everyday objects of past epochs.For guests of the park there are prepared various excursion programs, telling the history of the park and palace. In the palace there are costumed tours which offer everyone to learn ballroom etiquette XIX century.

Every Wednesday takes place concerts series called "Yelagin’s evenings" in the Oval Hall of Yelagin palace. There you can hear the music of all styles - from classical to jazz, from folk to tango, from medieval to avant-garde.

In the halls of the Stables building are placed temporary exhibitions.

In the only St. Petersburg Museum of Art Glass is a collection of works by Leningrad factory of glass art, as well as works made by masters of glass-making of Russia and abroad, and everyone can visit there the workshop “Painting on glass”. The Glass art Museum invites glass artists and curators for personal and collective exhibition projects (Download application form).

In the park, outdoor, throughout the year take place cultural events which have already become the hallmark of Kirov Central Park. The most impressive of these are:

Festival of Traditional Culture "Roar, Maslenitsa festival" - a great holiday for all, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of fun, creativity and native Russian traditions;

Tulip Festival - a great spring holiday that turns Yelagin island into a residence of various flower colors;

Socio-Cultural Festival "Get contact!" is a lesson of tolerance and of caring attitude towards each other, the main characters are talented urbanites from persons with disabilities;

International Street Theatre Festival "Yelagin Park" - summer project of Kirov Central Park, permanent members of which are groups and artists from France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Holland, Australia, Estonia, Belarus and Russia;

International exhibition "Glass and Ceramics in the landscape" - a unique exhibition in the open air, where you can see different in form and technique of execution bright and witty works of ceramics and glass;

Symphony Concert "Music over water" - a holiday with extensive musical repertoire: Baroque music, piano works of romantic composers and soundtracks in a powerful orchestral sound.

Every weekend on the square near Stables building there is an improvised dance floor with live music, which takes the military brass band.

Summer in the Park starts reading room in the open air, where visitors of all ages and preferences can find books to taste.

Creative workshops appear in the buildings, newly opened after restoration. A striking example is the "Chalet of creation" in the Cavalier’s building. This is a project of art and design workshops, in which will be held studio classes, workshops and museum educational activities for children and adults. On the ground floor of “Chalet of creation” is scheduled to open locker room for visitors’, independently practicing sports in the Yelagin island territory.

Kirov Central Park is ideal for outdoor activities in all seasons. In summer there are special volleyball courts, rollerdrom and appointed roller track. In winter there are two skating rinks (natural and artificial) and a ski run. In the park all year round work bases, which rent sports equipment, where everyone can take figure skates, a pair of skis, Finnish sledge, swimming facilities, rollers and bicycles. Boats and catamarans, moving on ponds have become a kind of symbol of summer Kirov Central Park.

In winter at the Big Square around the Christmas tree there is a skating rink, which for many generations of urbanites has become a favorite place for winter recreation.

In hot day it’s excellent see the park from a new perspective - from the water surface of ponds, surrounding the whole island. For guests of the park there is a hire of boats and catamarans.

For the elderly in the Park created the Club “Health”. It is an excellent way to maintain your body in good shape. Daily groups are engaged in charging in the open air on the territory of Kirov central Park.

In the Western part of the island there is a mini-zoo. Its inhabitants - the reindeer, the Cameroonian tiny goats, sheep, fox Alice, she-ass Kamila, fancy hens, pheasants, turkeys and guinea fowls, - will be interesting to both small and big city dwellers.

Kirov Central Park is a favorite place of many generations of residents, a great opportunity to the whole family to relax from daily vanity.

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